DOP Action Finder for Canon EOS-7D

by DOP
DOP Action Finder for Canon EOS-7D
DOP Action Finder for Canon EOS 7D with the round sunshade design gives a better view of the LCD screen.


It offers 3x focusable magnification and gives a field of view perfectly matched to your LCD screen. Its wide view also allows you to focus by both eyes, which help to avoid motion sickness when shooting handheld.

The DOP Action Finder hooks directly onto your optical viewfinder. In this way, it's 100% secure so you can afford to experiment all camera angles and positions. Plus, it also prevents extraneous light leakage.

DOP Action Finder for 7D is light-weight and easy to use. Just unplug the camera's eyepiece and slot the DOP Action Finder from the top to align with the eyepiece position and slide down. It will sit perfectly there.