Kata CRC-14 DV/HDV Rain Cover

by Kata
Kata CRC-14 DV/HDV Rain Cover
The CRC-14 is tailored to fit the Canon XH A1s, G1s, Panasonic HPX170, HMC150 DVX100, Sony V1, VX2100 & similar models.

This KATA Rain Cover is fabricated from waterproof material and crystal clear TPU panels on the camera's control side.

It allows you to work while the LCD monitor is opened for easy viewing.


It features a designated microphone and viewfinder sleeve.

The CRC -14 is supplied with: One modular access sleeve to enable connection of a mini light or used as a top access point for extracting shoulder strap or wireless antenna. An extra hand sleeve is supplied and can be connected to the bottom opening to provide protection when being handheld or on a tripod.

Kata rain covers were tested in a weather laboratory and successfully protected equipment during severe weather conditions.

When caught out in a sudden downpour, just throw the cover over the camcorder for immediate protection, and then adjust all the fittings; lens, viewfinder, mic, LCD etc.


Max. Weight : 0.46 lbs 0.21 Kg