Kata DVG-51 DV/HDV Camcorder Guard

by Kata
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Kata DVG-51 DV/HDV Camcorder Guard
The new revolutionary KATA DVG-51 Camcorder Guard is fabricated from a special semi-rigid closed cell foam and fabric lamination thermo pressed to duplicate the exact camcorder design, so that it will safeguard your camcorder from knocks, bumps, scratches, dust and dirt.


The DVG will provide overall protection while maintaining all working functionality.
The design matches itself to the unique shape of the Panasonic HVX200 while transparent windows, dedicated cable connecting slots and quick access pull flaps to buttons and controls allow easy monitoring and operating of all functions.
Once on, the DVG need never be taken off!

TST (Thermo Shield Technology) is a state of the art solution that provides the perfect protection level for digital equipment while creating an extremely lightweight product. It is featured on the important areas of the bag that are subject to shock.

On Board
This bag complies with most airline regulations for carry-on luggage. Due to ever changing carry-on requirements please check with your airline carrier prior to departure.


This product expands to fit around the recommended camera, therefore only the weight listed

Max. Weight : 0.5 lbs 0.21 Kg