Sony PXU-MS240 Mobile Storage Unit

by Sony
Sony PXU-MS240 Mobile Storage Unit
The Mobile Storage Unit, Sony takes the faster speed, smaller size, larger capacity and smoother workflow advantages of shooting on SxS PRO Memory Cards and creates the potential for virtually unlimited recording time by copying and reformatting the SxS cards on the spot.


Record Time Per HDD Cartridge: HQ Mode: More than 13 hours / SQ Mode: More than 17 hours

One-Touch Copy to HDD Cartridge: COPY ONLY: ~600Mbps (10min for 32GB card or approx. 10x real time). COPY & VERIFY: ~300Mbps (20 min for 32GB card or approx. 5x real time)

High-Speed SxS Read Transfer Function: e-SATA Interface to connect with PC (Max. 800Mbps read transfer speed). Estimated Single Cartridge Ingest Time is less than 1 Hour (up to 17 hours per cartridge @ 35Mbps)

Internal shock absorbers. The cartridge has an internal HDD which is suspended inside the PXU-HC240 chassis by four specially engineered dampers that help protect against shock.

3G shock detection. As in a laptop PC, this system senses a potential shock and temporarily "parks" the read/write heads away from the hard disk surface, to help protect the disk from damage.

The Sony PXU-MS240 Mobile Storage Unit is a portable and lightweight recording device which makes it easy to transfer and store footage recorded on SxS cards. By using proprietary mobile drives, the PXU-MS240 can transfer XDCAM EX footage and extremely high rates, making it ideal for field archiving. With the ability to store up to 11 hours of footage on one drive, the unit is versatile enough for shooting documentaries, indie films and weddings. With the ability to connect to a PC or Mac via both eSATA and USB 2.0, the drive is both fast and flexible, no matter what your workstation requires.

Fast Transfer Speeds

With a transfer speed of approximately 600Mbps from your SxS card to PXU cartridge or 800Mbps* from SxS card direct to PC, the Mobile Storage Unit keeps the production moving with easy hot swapping of the SxS card from camera to Mobile Storage Unit and back to camera, reformatted and ready to record again and again. 1

Packaged For Productions On The Go

The PXU-MS240 package includes the mobile storage unit, a PXU-HC240 HDD cartridge, operating instructions, cartridge, cartridge album case, PHU connection cable, USB cable, and AC adaptor cord. Additional cartridges can be purchased separately.

Copy and Verifying Function

When copying video clips from the SxS card to the Mobile Storage Unit, a message on the organic EL display on the unit confirms the copy has been made and verifies when complete.

Temporary Storage

The removable HDD cartridge conveniently doubles as a temporary storage media, serving as back-up storage on location that eliminates the need for a PC or as temporary storage during the editing process. With the included album box, each HDD can be cataloged and stored for future reference.

Direct Editing Capability

Direct editing from the Mobile Storage Unit cartridge to a PC is available when utilizing an eSATA connection. The convenience of keeping original content and completely edited projects allows for ease of sharing.

Clip Preview

With the included PHU cable, clip playback is made possible by connecting the Mobile Storage Unit to an EX camcorder/deck. You have the choice of viewing from either the HDD cartridge or SxS card installed in the unit.

Display Panel

The organic EL display provides excellent visibility in outdoor as well as indoor lighting conditions. The menu includes function mode, recordable time, date, as well as selectable languages.

Safe Power and Copy Switch

To power the unit on or off requires pressing the switch for three seconds to prevent operational errors. This same feature is included when using the copy button.

LED Indicators

The user-friendly LED indicators flash on and off to provide an updated operating status of the unit, such as accessing HDD, remaining battery capacity, and hardware error.

Shock Protection

The PXU HDD cartridge is equipped with specially designed insulators for drop shock protection and a 3G sensor detecting system to help protect the internal HDD against irregular vibration and fall shock.


Storage Capacity: 240GB (Per Cartridge)
Recording Time: HQ - 800 Minutes, SD - 1040 Minutes
Recording Speed: 600 Mbps (Max)
Transfer Rate: eSATA - 800 Mbps (Max), USB 2.0 - 160 Mbps (Max)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX (10.4)
Format: SxS XDCAM EX
Power Requirements: 12VDC
Power Consumption: 9W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.1 x 2.4 x 8.6" (10.5 x 6 x 22cm)
Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.6kg)


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