Elman TLFC2010 News Anchor Telephone Selector for News Editors

by Elman
Elman TLFC2010 News Anchor Telephone Selector for News Editors
TLFC2010 is a system created to allow the news editors to communicate, by means of telephone, with the reporters or news anchor in the studios
of radio or television newscasts.
The basic system is constituted by 2 equipment realized in metallic high 1RU 19" containers: the TLFC-2010 that constitutes the equipment core
and the TLFC-CRR that is the device provided of keyboard that allows the selection of one between 8 telephone speakers with who speak.
The system can be expanded adding another one or two TLFC-CRR in order to allow to make to communicate the telephones in 8 workspaces of
news anchor with 1,2 or 3 news editors.
Every telephone is provided of a LED that show when the news anchor is ON AIR, a LED that show the call from one of the news editors, the
ringing tone that obviously can be deactivated in order not to give noise during the transmission; in addition it has a button to be able to call the
editorial staff, pressing the button plays the buzzer of the TLFC-CRR of the news editors and it is illuminated the key corresponding.
To the call it can answer one or all and 3 the news editors, having connected in parallel.
To the connector that carries the signals to the telephone can be connected a headphone or earpiece that allows to speaker of to listen the
ON AIR return signal.

In the Box

TLFC-2010 + TLFC-CRR (controller for TLFC-2010)