Elman AT8 8-line Telephone Monitor

by Elman
Elman AT8 8-line Telephone Monitor


AT8 is an unique apparatus in his kind and very useful, built on request of an our customer, it allows to listen through the telephone line, the sound
of the return program of a radio or television transmission.
It can be employed from the journalists to be able to listen to the course of a program in studio and to understand when it is the time to intervene
in the transmission.
The peculiarity of the AT8 is constituted by the possibility of chosen from remote outstation, by means of the telephone keyboard, of the return
program that it is wished to listen between 8 different signals.
AT8 is useful when a reporter station is used in more transmissions or television channels, for example during the political elections, with AT8
you be able to intervene in one or more television news, choosing autonomously without the aid of technicians in studio the return program wanted.
AT8 is provided of 8 telephone line inputs so can be used simultaneously from 8 different users.
By means of a button positioned on the frontal panel is possible to record a vocal message that explains at the users that are connected by phone,
what are the available transmissions and what the number is to press for being able to listen to her.


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