Elman TBP4 Talkback plus 4 Channels 2/4 Wires Intercom - 4 Interrupted Feedback

by Elman
Elman TBP4 Talkback plus 4 Channels 2/4 Wires Intercom - 4 Interrupted Feedback
TBP4 is a professional intercom produced by ELMAN that allows the communication to 4 wires on 4 channels, or to 4 wires on 3 channels plus
to 2 wires on 1 channel, on which you can connect more users.

To request to the moment of the order it is possible to ask for:
* different configuration (from the standard 3+1) for the 4 and 2 wires channels (for example: 2 channels to 4 wires and 2 channels to 2 wires).
* XLR outputs with superimposed 12 volts (current limited) to be able supply energy to beltpacks not selfpowered.

The functions IFB of every channel are separately configurable.
The connection with other apparatuses happens through common connectors XLR.
The TBP4 is an intercom usable in all that cases in which the distance communication is necessary, for example:

* production of television programs and films;
* theatrical shows;
* conferences;
* sporting events;
* commercial and industrial installations, etc.

Thanks to the use of particular XLR panel connectors, it has been possible to contain the dimensions of the TBP4 in a container only 1RU 19" tall.
This, togheter with low consumption and the possibility of 12 V or 24 V power supply, make the TBP4 a versatile instrument for use both in studios
and in vehicles for outside broadcast.

TBP4 is compatible with similar apparatuses of other brands in commerce.


* 4 independent channels.
* 4 IFB bus and loop-through for every channel.
* Monitoring of IFB and RTC signal (talkback return).
* 2 wires mode selectable for channel 1, with or without IFB.
* Selectable microphone input: headset or gooseneck (XLR 3 connector).
* Independent regulation for the microphone inputs with relative level indication.
* External control LS CUT (cut listening loudspeaker) and DIM (attenuation listening).
* Independent configuration for every channel for: routing control and signal monitoring.
* Talk switch GPI output
* Amplified output (2 watts) for external speakers through two 6.3 mm jacks (one on front panel and other on rear panel)
* Universal AC power: 100-240 Vac 70 mA
* DC power: 12 V or 24 V (1,2 A).
* Metallic case: 19" 1RU standard with depth 350 mm.
* Weight: 3.5 Kg.