Naphon GA500 Audio Power Amplifier

by Naphon
Naphon GA500 Audio Power Amplifier
GA series is switch mode power supply, 2U rack, the weight is light but power output. Its special cooling method (two speed fans, rear to front air flow) makes the cooling speed much faster. With high effective Class-H circuit, the perfect protecting system (Short circuit, thermal, overload, clip limited, DC voltage, ultrasonic and RF) makes the product more stable; SMT.


Output Power (8ohm): 2x500W
Output Power (4ohm): 2x750W
Output power brige(8ohm): 1500W
Input Impedance: 20kohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz +/-0.5db
THD(20Hz-20KHz): Less than 0.05%
Slew Rate: 30V/us
Damping Factor(8ohm,20HZ-1KHz): 400
Voltage Gain(rated power at 8ohm): 38.2db
Output Circuit: Class H
Signal to Noise Ratio: More than 90db
Cross Talk(20Hz-20KHz): More than 70db
Input Sensitivity(8ohm): 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
Input Impedance: 20kohm Balance, 10Kohm Unbalance
Connector(Each Channel): XLR
Controls: Front: AC switch; Rear: Sensitivity,GND,stereo,parallel,bridge,30HZ lowcut
Indicator: Standby, Power, Signal, Clip, Port, Bridge
Power Supply: AC 110-240V at 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 58.00x57.50x16.00cm
Gross Weight: 17.50KGS


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