Fomex DSR4 Fluorescent Light 220W/220V

by Fomex
Fomex DSR4 Fluorescent Light 220W/220V


In the field of photography, imaging & broadcasting, fluorescent lighting system is suitable the source of light for working digital
image which is soft and cool lighting quality. Only exchanging the florescent lamps, the tungsten(3,100K) and daylight(5,300K) is convertible, refers to the condition of photography, it can be mixed up with studio flash lighting, HMI and tungsten lighting. Compared with the same light output range, approx. 2.5 times brighter, little electricity consumption and more than 8000 hours long life are strong points. Due to low heat of the florescent lamp, it`s highly adaptable for close up shooting. And it provides uniformly diffused lighting in the wider space.

In the Box

Fluorescent Light 220w/220v ( 4 Lamps included )