E-Image 7060H 75mm Fluid Video Head - Orange

by E-Image
E-Image 7060H 75mm Fluid Video Head - Orange
E-Image 7060H Fluid Video Head - Orange

E-IMAGE fluid video heads are newly designed for the photography professionals and video-taking enthusiasts in 2008, which include 4 Series: 706H, 708H, 710H and 711H. A special feature is the newly developed Mic-adjusting damping and counterbalance system, which provides a maximum of 0-7 positions fluid drag in pan & tilt and 0-8 positions counterbalance, equipped with the pan & tilt locks and the dials, the system will insure a perfect dynamic balance and eliminate any change for your shots.

For sake of ensuring the safety of the camcorders if there is any careless operation, the insurance knobs are specially designed for the sliding plates of fluid heads. The excellent appearance and ergonomic design of E-IMAGE tripod heads which owned patent will bring you the optimum operating enjoyment.


-Fluid head with bowl size 75mm.
-Sliding plate with insurance knob.
-Adjustable handle.
-Plate with both 1 /4"and 3/8"screws.

Incorporating 0-3 positions damping in pan & tilt and 0-2 positions counterbalance adjustment, 706H Series are suitable for documentary and studio photography, which are equipped with DV cameras. Featuring the outstanding 0-3 positions damping system, 706H Series insure the convenient operation and random adjustment. Double handle bars are available.


Weight: 1.7kg
Payload: 3-8kg
Counterbalance Payload: 6kg
Tilt Range: +90o/-45o
Counterbalance: 0-2
Temperature Range: -30o/60o
Bowl Size: 75mm


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