E-Image AT7802 100mm Aluminium Tripod Legs

by E-Image
E-Image AT7802 100mm Aluminium Tripod Legs
E-Image AT7802 100mm Aluminium Tripod Legs

AT7802 features the patent united lock for 2 stages leg and press-button insurance structure, it provides convenient adjustment of height. The maximum working height of the tripod can be up to 1580mm, and switching bowl sizes of 75mm and 100mm are available.

The newly developed E-IMAGE professional video tripods mainly include 5 series: 740, 750, 760, 780 and 790. In order to meet the different requirements, the E-IMAGE tripods are made of superior aluminum alloy or carbon fiber accordingly.

The special feature of the E-IMAGE tripods is the united lock for multi-stages leg and the button insurance structure, it provides the height adjusting and fast tightening at random, which ensures the extreme stability and safety of the whole tripod. Furthermore, for easy movement, all the tripods can be connected with the spreaders, dollies as well.


Working Height : 450-1640mm
Bowl Size : 100mm
Weight : 5kg
Payload : 80kg

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