Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/25 ZF.2 Lens

by Zeiss
Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/25 ZF.2 Lens
The Powerful All-round Wide-Angle Lens (with CPU)
provides superior wide-angle performance combined with extreme close-up potential: a MOD (minimum object distance) of only 6 cm from the front element! Impressive sharpness. Long-life all-metal barrel of very high precision.


The ZF.2 lenses are an enhanced version of the ZF lenses. They feature an electronic interface (CPU). This CPU enables the ZF.2 lenses to support all important operating modes such as shutter priority, aperture priority and programmed auto exposure or manual exposure settings even on non-AI compatible camera housings. Photographers no longer have to set the parameters in the camera menu as the lens now transmits standard data such as focal length, speed and the aperture setting to the camera. This data can then be viewed in the EXIF data of each picture.
Furthermore, the silver fork coupling is not available on the ZF.2 lenses. For this reason, you cannot use light metering on older cameras (F, F2, Nikkormat, etc.). The ZF.2 lenses have a mechanical lock on the aperture ring to lock the aperture ring at the lowest setting and prevent unintentional adjustment while taking pictures.
For technical reasons, the ZF.2 lenses do not have a half-step aperture lock between the lowest (stop position) and the second lowest aperture setting. This guarantees reliable recognition of the automatic position. The lowest aperture on the ZF.2 lenses is orange to emphasize the automatic position of the aperture ring.


Focal Length: 25 mm
Aperture range: f/2.8 - f/22
Focusing range: 0.17 m - infinity
Coverage at close range: 56 x 85 mm
Number of elements/groups: 10/8
Angular field (diag./horiz./vert.): 80/70/50 Degrees
Filter-Mount: M58 x 0.75
Weight: 480 g
Dimensions (with caps) D: 64 mm, L: 90 mm

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Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF.2 Lens
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