Fomex N-100 N-Light 100W Set

by Fomex
Fomex N-100 N-Light 100W Set
- No flickering light provides higher Color-Rendering, near to Nature Lights
- Incredible lamp Life, over than 11 years (100,000 hours)
- Long Life and Green Enviromental Friendly Lamp (contains mercury below 3 mg)


Average lifetime 100,000hrs (11.4 years)
Color rendering 86Ra, 3-wavelength lamp 65Ra 28Ra, narrow band of light
Color expression Soft, warm and closer to natural color Cold, pale and blue frequency light Uniformly color producing in yellowish monochrome
Ignition time
(lighting /re-lighting) Fast
(0.01sec./0.01sec.) Slow
Unit weight Approx. 1Kg 6Kg (400w based) 6Kg (400w based)
Heat radiation 80 ~ 90cC
Fire/Blasting Risk Low High High
Flickering No dazzling Severe dazzling Severe dazzling
Illumi.variation by voltage change Stable Irregular Irregular
Light-velocity dropping Slow Fast Fast
Color-tone uniformity High Low Low
Transmission Normal


Head size W : 325 - L : 140 - H :
Head weight 2.38 kg
Lamp size 240mm - H : 180mm
Lamp weight 0.82 kg

In the Box

N-100 100w set
100w Head + 100w Lamp