Elman AES/EBUx4 1-in 4-out Digital Audio Splitter

by Elman
Elman AES/EBUx4 1-in 4-out Digital Audio Splitter
AES/EBUx4 is a Digital Audio Splitter Panel for 4 channel housed in a 1RU rugged metal case and using balanced lines with transformers
and XLR connectors.
Elman AES/EBUx4 thanks to an optimal bandwidth and low pulse abberation is reccomended for the professional digital audio applications.
Used for balanced 110 ohm impedance signals, this unit accepts signal levels until 10 V peak to peak.
Thanks to accurate specification and irrilevant signal alteration, this apparatus may be used in cascade with signal power reduction of 3 dB
for every stage.

-Broadcast control rooms
-Recording studios
-Post production installations
-O.B. Vans


-Device is used for splitting AES/EBU digital audio signals
-Excellent impedance matching
-Eliminates the need for a distribution amplifier in many applications
-Rugged metal cases (1RU)


-Bandwith: 15 kHz to 115 MHz
-Input Connectors: 3 XLR female
-Outputs Connectors: 6 XLR male
-Typical Impedance: 110 ohm
-Rise time: 3 nS
-Insertion Loss: about 3 dB
-Impedance Matching: +/- 2%
-Common-mode Rejection Ratio: 50 dB (10 Mhz)
-Max Signal: 10V peak to peak
-Dimensions: width 482,6 mm (19") x height 44,5 mm (1 RU) x depth 40 mm