Kata R-106 Rucksack

by Kata
Kata R-106 Rucksack
The R-106 Rucksack is cleverly designed to hold large DSLR cameras with battery grip attached with long telephoto lenses + 2-3 additional DSLR camera bodies + up to 8 lenses + accessories + 17" laptop.
The unique design gives quick, separate access to the camera in the central compartment, while the rest of the equipment surrounding it remains secure.
Extra lenses, flashes chargers, cables etc. can be stored the surrounding compartments, the spacious arched lid compartment, the 2 mesh pouches and the central mesh/vinyl pocket.
Personal effects can be stored in the two external front pockets or in the detachable side pockets which can be easily removed when not needed to make the case smaller.


The R-106 features an ergonomic harness and waist belt that includes a unique cushioning and shock absorbing system combined with a 5-point adjustment mechanism which together provide optimal ventilation and weight distribution. A simple connection sleeve on the back allows you to slide the rucksack over your luggage handle or to connect it to Kata's Insertrolley for wheel along transportation (Insertrolley is not included).
Specially designed Camera Straps can be attached to the D rings on the harness and will take the camera load off your neck (they can be turned into a regular camera strap by connecting to the extender provided with the R-106, or to Kata's Reflex E Camera Strap).
In addition, the R-106 includes a tripod holder which can be carried on the central part of the Rucksack or on one of the sides.
Full protection on the main zipper and KATA's unique double sided cover make sure your sensitive equipment is well protected from the elements, both rain and sunshine.


Exterior Dimensions: 36cm x 33cm x 54cm (LxWxH)
Interior Dimensions: 34cm x 20cm x 52m (LxWxH)
Max. Weight : 8.1 lbs 3.66 Kg
Min. Weight : 4.6 lbs 2.07 Kg


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