Kata CB-100 HDV Camcorder Bag

by Kata
Kata CB-100 HDV Camcorder Bag
CB-100 is a compact Camcorder bag designed to be the perfect working tool for cameras such as the Sony A1 up to the Panasonic DVC-30, Canon GL2/XM2 and similar. The distinctive design features two large accessory pockets all along the top, which unfurl when you open the top flap. The snuggly protected camcorder compartment is located beneath so when you are out and working the access to your accessories is rapid and immediate.


Located on the bottom and dangerous spots of the bag, the Toblerones will protect your case from bumps, tears and sudden shock by absorbing any accidental impact your case may endure. Additionally the profile elevates the bag above any standing water or wet spots, keeping your case as dry as possible.

On Board
This bag complies with most airline regulations for carry-on luggage. Due to ever changing carry-on requirements please check with your airline carrier prior to departure.

Click Handles
Our patented handles have been designed and field-tested for sure grip and optimal comfort. For heavier and wider bags, the left side of the handle locks to the right side of the handle for added security.

DP Buckle
Kata's unique Dual Purpose buckle positions your bag straight on the body at the perfect angle for comfortable carrying and easy camera access. Either connect shoulder strap using the clips or by threading the strap through the diagonal slit.

Modi-Vers Compatible
This bag is customizable through the use of the modi-vers divider system. This allows you to protect your equipment while creating custom compartments to fit your unique equipment. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug.


External Max Size Internal Main Compartment
L 46 18.1 L 35 13.8
W 25 9.8 W 22.5 8.9
H 33 13 H 22.5 8.9
Max. Weight : 5.2 lbs 2.365 Kg Min. Weight : 4.4 lbs 1.98 Kg