Sunpak PF30X Flash - Canon

by Sunpak
Sunpak PF30X Flash - Canon
Simple and comfortable operation Compact, light, high-featured flash for the latest digital SLR cameras.

Completely adjusted for the latest TTL light control systems. Simple and smart flash dedicated to supporting digital SLR cameras.

Robust functions to assist the reproduction of images such as EV adjustment function and bounce function are condensed in a compact and stylish body.

Straightforward button layout and intuitive operability ensure comfortable operations. This is a must-have for perfect enjoyment of digital SLR shooting.


Guide Number (ISO100 - m) : 30
Flash Control Mode -
Canon: E-TTLII
Nikon : i-TTL
SONY(Alpha) : ADI, P-TTL
Power supply : 2 size AA batteries (Oxyride, Alkaline, Ni-MH, NiCad)

Recycling Time (Full flashing) :
Alkaline Battery - 2-AA approx. 10 sec.
Ni-MH Battery - 2-AA approx. 8 sec.

No. of Flashes (Full flashing)
Alkaline Battery - 2-AA approx. 100
Ni-MH Battery - 2-AA approx. 140

Auto Effective Range (Focal Length at 35mm) : TTL Auto-F2 1.5-15 m
Effective range of AF assist light : 1-5 m

Angle of Coverage :
Covers the focal length of 19mm or longer (APS-C size)
Covers the focal length of 28mm or longer (when converted to 35-mm film size)

Flash Speed : Approx. 1/800 sec.
Bounce Flash : Vertical-Up 90o
Dimensions (HxWxD) (w/o Shoe) : Approx. 100 x 68 x 92mm / 4 x 2.7 x 3.7 in
Weight (w/o Battery) : Approx. 220g / 7.7oz