Acme ACME T008 Special 2 Double Camping Tent

by Acme
Acme ACME T008 Special 2 Double Camping Tent
Number: 2
Foreign account: 190T, waterproof coating PU2000mm POLYESTER
Inner tent: Encryption nylon gauze. Wave-type gauze good permeability.
Account at the end: 190T polyester, PU3000mm waterproof coating
Pole: Glass pole
Account nails: Common nails 14
Inner tent space: length width = (55 +150) * 210 * 115
Packaging volume: long diameter = 50x10cm

The new single-door design, easy to use, 55CM extend outside the current account to facilitate the placement equipment; both internal and external accounts have a transom; Inner tent camp on top of lights hanging ring, right and left sides with debris bag; with 4 wind Rope
The tent canopy ventilation is good, do not hang Lu, outer canopy waterproof windproof, full adhesive, may make an anti-rain; the use of a large space, for two people.


1. both sides of a corresponding window, in the case of hot air permeability results are very good
2.Tent Size: (145 +55) * 210/H115cm, the door 55CM extension. Give users a great deal of living space, you can lay down two pairs of hiking shoes ,45-75L backpack between the stove and so on and some. At present, some brands of tents with 50L backpack are fit, some other stoves can not be put down even more; our tent canopy height 115CM users in such a high standing and sitting will not be any rest or under repressed feelings, but that some brands of tents is only slightly higher 105CM high point of sitting inside it will feel very depressed
3. tent pole support the principle of making use of three fixed angular support more stable.
4. 180 yuan glass pole tents, tent with 8.5MM glass rod so that the wind power to be greatly improved, using plastic buckle fixed tents to use more of the convenient.
5. within the canopy at the top of the design of the network put junk bag, mesh bag designed detachable, at the top is also designed lights can be attached to the rings.
6. Wind rope is also a broad-brimmed design, can be effectively dispersed pull, pull, when to consider the issue under the point of view, using them more efficiently, but also protect the tent.
7. tent of each and every seams are CAULKING machine with imported adhesive and effective to prevent the leakage phenomenon.
Color: Royal blue