Acme Conquest 55L 81008 Backpack

by Acme
Acme Conquest 55L 81008 Backpack
* Fabric: 210D nylon wire grid. PU: 1000MM
* DURAFLEX U.S. fastener company's fasteners, in the extreme environments is still the strength of a perfect
* Knapsack Ribbon for the Hong Kong Sheng Kee's high-strength nylon backpack ribbon, with superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance
* Carry the pipe rack for the rapid adjustment FAS bear. According to the human back, force characteristics, through continuous testing, continuous innovation, R & D performance in carrying out the system. Adjust fast and simple, using sustainable adjustment strap, allowing you to three seconds to adjust to the best place to backpack .An increase of five ladder belt buckle adjustment, more in line with the movement characteristics of the human body, more efficient, labor-saving
* Backpack face a cache devices can be very convenient and efficient to take place items
* Hat is removable, you can use to do pockets
* Backpack has a head concave design makes carrying more comfortable on the head
* Waistband with convenient zipper storage pocket
* Zipper YKK zippers are used
* Knapsack side comes Covers


Model: 81008
Volume: 55L
Weight: 2.1KG
Length: 75cm
Width: 8cm
Height: 36cm
Color: Red