Acme summit50 +10 L G81004 Backpack

by Acme
Acme summit50 +10 L G81004 Backpack
Fabric: 420D oxford cloth diamond lattice. PU: 1000MM
GESAKE of brand fasteners for fastening.
Knapsack Ribbon Nylon Ribbon for high-strength PP.
Classic CR system for carrying a strong suspension system. According to human engineering characteristics, according to characteristics of the human body back force, air slotted aluminum, ensuring superior stability, the weight of the vertical, uniform, equitable distribution in the crotch. Double shoulder strap and belt filled with high-density foam, giving back the care of well. Users of different sizes based on the back, pull back and cushion, can ease the adjustment of the length of the back.
Belt buckle ladders increased regulation, more in line with the movement characteristics of the human body, more efficient, labor-saving


Model: G81004
Volume: 50+10L
Weight: 1.9KG
Length: 79cm
Width: 32cm
Height: 22cm
Color: gray