Mobi Garden Double Pole Wizard 2 Tents

Mobi Garden Double Pole Wizard 2 Tents


Vent pipe / VentiBlan
Nylon mesh gauze on the hole in the night air temperature change, the better able to ensure the smooth inside and outside the off hot and cold air flow, thus Account of humidity and temperature balance, the human comfort are further enhanced.

Reinforcement / TitaniumTech
After tensile experimental tests, in each additional protection force combined with the block at the same time, using advanced stitching techniques, and firmly locked by the force of each point, making the whole stronger tents to improve the use of safety.

Balanced system of air convection / A.F.S
According to European standards, the rational allocation of Inner tent breathable gauze to ensure that each of at least 200MM / 2 of the air flow area, the user can also be based on external temperature self-regulation through the zipper cover curtain air circulation, and prevent the temperature soared Account of or a sudden drop caused by the human body not meet. The other: According to the characteristics of warm and cold air, exercise, Inner tent specially configured for a lower position of a small network screens, opened to the introduction of an external dry clever cold air, warm and humid air to help Account of the rise and export outside the completion of accounts and better air circulation.

Removable MINI three-dimensional storage system / Storage
To tie in with the actual needs of users, designers offer a wide range of flexibility in the use but also convenient to the demolition of storage bags, such as: top storage bag: storage, while also ensuring ease of use accounts lights; of concurrent users can be based on the actual need to select the network may be hanging storage bag hanging in the Account of yarn, place some essential commodities, such as mobile phones and so on, pick up easily.

Compressible beam outside the mouth bag / SSB
Designed by the Italian teacher outside the bag, bag length <= 40CM, both on the backpack, but also attached to the backpack, the very beneficial to carry. Taking into account needs of users entire outer bag divided two majority, main bag placed volumes package after Inner tent and outer account, attached bag placed aviation aluminum pole and accounts nails, saving packaging time.

Ultralight / ES
Account at the end of the introduction of the concept of light, to maximize the role of each parts, the whole tent respected minimize weight, easy to carry, reducing the load travel on foot.

Light breathable gauze / SLM
Inner tent large-scale use of each hole is less than 1 * 11MM of net yarn, not only to ensure the entire ventilated tents best performance, while avoiding the summer invasion of small mosquitoes for three quarters of the use. When Inner tent alone, more King cited the unique effects of burglary.

Fluorescent Cord / Reflective
Embody dual role, fixed tents while nighttime Cord emit fluorescence, avoid being account rope stumble danger.


Tent Size: 200X120X110CM
Packing Size: 37X16CM
Color: Red