Sony PDW-1500 XDCAM Recorder

by Sony
Sony PDW-1500 XDCAM Recorder
The PDW-1500 Compact Deck is a half-rack sized recorder optimized for use with non-linear editing systems. Despite its compact size, this deck offers high-speed data transfers between compatible non-linear devices to create a powerful editing tool for news production.

The PDW-1500 provides a choice of recording in DVCAM, MPEG IMX at 30, 40 or 50 Mbps. Accordingly the recording times per Professional Disc are : MPEG IMX at 30 Mb/s: 68 min., 40 Mb/s: 55 min., 50 Mb/s: 45 min., DVCAM: 85 min.

Sony PDW-1500 comes equipped with a wide range of interfaces. In the traditional AV world it offers SDI I/O, analogue composite I/O, digital audio I/O, analogue audio I/O, time code I/O, headphone output, audio monitor output, and i.Link AVC I/O. While for a smooth integration into an IT world it proposes Ethernet GB and i.Link (File Access Mode) in order to browse and use XDCAM files directly on your PC.


Power requirements: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 130 x 415 mm

Recording format
Video: MPEG IMX (50/40/30 Mb/s), DVCAM (25 Mb/s)
Proxy Video: MPEG-4

Search speed (in color) Jog mode / Shuttle mode: -2 time to +2 times normal playback speed / +/-35 times normal playback speed

Signal inputs:
Analog reference input (BNC x2)
Analog composite input (BNC x2)
SDI input (BNC x1)
Analog audio input (XLR x2)
Digital audio input (AES/EBU, BNC x2)
Time code input (BNC x1)

Signal outputs:
Analog composite video output (BNC x2)
SDI output (BNC x2)
Analog audio output (XLR x2)
Audio monitor output (RCA x1)
Digital audio output (BNC x2)
Headphone output
Built-in audio speaker
Time code output (BNC x1)

Other inputs/outputs:
i.LINK : IEEE 1394, DV IN/OUT or file access mode, 6-pin x 1
Ethernet : GB
RS-422A : (x1)

In the Box

PDZ-1 proxy browsing software
Sony PDW-1500 Manual


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