Sekonic i-346 Illuminance Meter

by Sekonic
Sekonic i-346 Illuminance Meter
The i-346 is an easy-to-use illuminance meter and product of long experience in light measurement technology and the design of quality exposure meters.


- Timer function-----1 to 60sec
- Selectable LUX/FC display


- Industry: Work Place Illumination
- Government: Health Standards
- Police: Safety
- Sports: Conform to standards
- Construction: Worker/Employee safety
- Museum/ Gallery: Display illumination
- Agriculture: Regulate light for best growing
- Movie TV: Control dramatic lighting


Type : Illuminometer
Light receptor element : Silicon photo diode
Measurement cycle : 0.5 seconds
Measurement range : 2.50 lx to100,000 lx
Display : Unit : Lux(lx), Foot-candle(fc)
Linearity : +/-5%(23oC+/-2oC)
Out of measurement range : UNDER or OVER warning display
Battery power indicator display
Automatic power OFF function (About 4 minutes after last operation)
Battery : AA battery 1.5V x 1 (Alkaline, manganese, lithium, NiMH)
Operating temperature : 0oC〜40 oC
Storage temperature : -20oC〜60 oC
Dimensions : Approx. 63(width) x 110(height) x 22(depth) mm
Weight : Approx. 95 g (with battery)

In the Box

Soft case
AA battery