Dynacore D-L5010P 3200K LED Camera Light

Dynacore D-L5010P 3200K LED Camera Light
The D-L5010P LED Light System features a light weight, compact design and lower consumption. The model use 5pcs of warmwhite power LED(CREE(R) XLamp(R)) with brightness of 500lx@1m. The model has dimmer function to adjust brightness(100%-1%). It is powered by Lithium battery DC7V-17V(DC7.2V DV battery or DC14.8V battery via DC connector), Operating life is more than 100,000 hours.


* Brightness of 500 lx (1 m), life of approx. 100,000 hours (whole unit), and power consumption of 12 W
* Uniform lighting over the entire projected area
* Frosting diffuser attached to soften shadows and reduce contrast
* Compatible with camcorder batteries, such as Panasonic D54S/D28S (Dynacore DV-54S/DV-28S)


Battery (not included) :
Dynacore DC7.2V DV battery
DC14.8V battery via DC connector on the light
LED Light System : 5pcs of warmwhite power LED (CREE(R) XLamp(R))
Color Temperature : 3200K
Dimmer Dial : Can adjust brightness from 100%-1%
Input Voltage : DC 7V-17V
Power consumption : 12W (Max)
Brightness : approx. 500 lx at 1m
Weight : 500g without battery pack
Dimensions : 138 x 108 x 65 mm

In the Box

Hot Shoe Adapter
D-Tap Adaptor
Soft Case


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