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Tascam CD-A550 CD Player/Cassette Tape Deck

Order, 1 - 2 weeks
Price: $674.00
CD-DA, MP3, and WAV Compatibility
CD-Text and ID3 Support
CD-to-Tape Dubbing
Digital Coaxial Output
Power-On Play
CD and Cassette Pitch Control
Cassette Auto-Reverse
Dolby B Noise Reduction
Wireless Remote Included
Tascam CD-A550 CD Player/Cassette Tape Deck
* RCA unbalanced inputs/outputs for Tape and CD
* Common outputs which can be selected sources as Tape or Auto or Mix
* RCA coaxial output for CD digital out
* CD-Tape continuous play
* CD to Tape dubbing include Edit dubbing
* Power on play (CD and Tape), Power on record (Tape only)
* Mono mix (CD and Tape)
* 3 U Rack mountable
* CD-DA (support CD-R and CD-RW disc), MP3 and WAV file play
* Various time display (CD-DA: Lap, Remain, Total remain MP3: Elapsed)
* CD Text and ID3 tag
* Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Cue Call and Incremental Play
* Shock-proof memory
* Pitch control for CD (+/-12.5%) and cassette (+/-10%)
* Auto reverse cassette playback and recording
* Dolby B noise reduction
* REC mute
* Return to Zero
* Tape type: normal, chrome and metal (play only)
* 55-key Wireless Remote control
Wireless Remote

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