Datavideo CB-20 DVI-D to HDMI Cable

Datavideo CB-20 DVI-D to HDMI Cable
DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable
Length : 1.8m


Inner Conductor: Annealed Copper 18AWG.
Insulation Type: Foam Polyethylene.
Outer Conductor 1: Easy Peel Adhesive.
Outer Conductor 2: Tinned Annealed Copper.
Jacket: PVC - 1.0mm Thick.
Overall Diameter: 707mm Thick.
Char. Impendance: 75+-3 OHM at 10MHZ.
Tensile Strength: MPa 10.0 - 190%
Capacitance: (Between Conductors) 55 pF/m - 16.8 pF/ft.
D.C Resistance:
Inner Conductor - OHM 2.3m - 7.1 feet.
Outer Conductor - OHM 0.8m - 2.5 feet.