Datavideo HS-800 Mobile Studio PAL

Datavideo HS-800 Mobile Studio PAL
The Datavideo HS-800 is a light one box solution designed around the SE-800 4 channel DV / analogue audio video switcher. The SE-800 allows four channels of digital or analogue video and up to six channels of audio to be mixed / switched.

The whole system is fully integrated with the DN-500 harddrive recorder, ITC-100 for talkback / intercom, RMC-140 for next source pre-view and tally display, TLM-404 for input monitoring and TLM-702 for next source and main output monitoring.

HS-800 is a one box solution designed to be "live in seconds" at any Conference, Studio, Outside Broadcast or Internet Streaming facility.


* Built in PD-1 power distribution center.
Eliminates unsightly wall connections and dangling power supplies. Power all equipment from one central connection
* Fully integrated with cable loom
* Anti shock padding and transit lock protect the equipment during transport
* Highly Mobile, designed to be ready in seconds on any location with easy setup, break down and storage
* Full integration tally and talkback system for up to eight crew members

In the Box

* SE-800 4 Input DV / Analogue Mixer / Switcher
* DN-500 Hard Drive Recorder
* TLM-702 2 x 7" LCD Monitor
* TLM-404 4 x 4" LCD Monitor
* RMC-140 Quad / Next Source Preview Box
* ITC-100 Intercom System
* PD-1 power distributor
* RP-4 rear tally output panel with 4 tally lights
* Hand-carried aluminum case


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