Sennheiser e912-S Instrument Microphone - Black

Sennheiser e912-S Instrument Microphone - Black
The e912-S is a high-quality, pre-polarised condenser microphone with half-cardioid pick-up pattern, acoustically optimized for picking up speech. Due to its unobtrusive, flat design, it is ideally suited for use on conference tables, altars and lecterns.
The e912-S can be switched on and off via an integrated membrane switch.


* Programmable membrane switch
* Very unobtrusive due to flat design
* Extremely rugged sound inlet basket
* Rubber damping plate on base
* Mounting slots for mounting the microphone to table tops, lecterns, etc.
* Gold-plated XLR connector
* Integrated electronics (instead of in-line preamp)
* An internal DIP switch bank provides the following features: on/off (factory preset), push-to-talk button (PTT), cough button (PTM) or permanently switched on (ON)
* The frequency response curve can be changed via a second DIP switch bank: low cut, low and high boost (factory preset), low boost or linear (see e912).
* The e912-S has been optimized for picking up speech at relatively short distances, while the sister model e916 has been designed for instrument pick up. For this reason, the frequency response curve of the e912-S differs from that of the e912.
* With the e912-S, you can obtain the frequency response curve of the e912 by setting the DIP switch to the position lin (linear).

In the Box

* Microphone e912-S
* Pouch
* User guide


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