Sunpak PZ42X Flash - Nikon

by Sunpak
Sunpak PZ42X Flash - Nikon
Compatible with digital SLR cameras.
PZ42X to be workable with i-TTL, D-TTL for Nikon
A clip-on flash supports the TTL light control system for the latest digital SLR cameras. The flash can be moved 90o upward, 180o to the left and 120o to the right, flexibly supporting bounce shooting and other operations. The focal length display can be switched between the digital display (APS-C) and the 35-mm film size converted display on the LCD. Numerous functions and user-friendliness have been combined and condensed in this body.


Guide Number (ISO 100m) : 24-42
Flash Control Mode - Canon : E-TTLII, E-TTL Nikon : i-TTL, D-TTL Sony : ADI, P-TTL

Recycling Time (Full flashing) :
Alkaline Battery - 4-AA approx. 3.5 sec.
Ni-MH Battery - 4-AA approx. 3 sec.

No. of Flashes (Full flashing) :
Alkaline Battery - 4-AA approx. 220
Ni-MH Battery - 4-AA approx. 240

Auto Effective Range (Focal Length at 35mm) : TTL Auto 1.5-21m
Power Ratio : FULL, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64

Angle of Coverage :
Covers the focal length of 16mm or longer (APS-C size)
Covers the focal length of 24mm or longer (when converted to 35-mm film size)

Effective range of AF assist light : 1-5m
Flash Speed : Approx. 1/500-1/13,000 sec.
Bounce Flash : Vertical: Up 90o / Horizontal: Left 180o, Right 120o

Wide Panel -
Built-in : 13mm (APS-C size) or 20mm (when converted to 35-mm film size)
when the wide panel is used.

Zoom position display (switch type) :
24-105mm (24,28,35,50,70,85,105mm) (when converted to 35-mm film size)
16-70mm (16,19,24,34,48,58,70mm) (APS-C size)

Dimensions (HxWxD) (w/o Shoe) : Approx. 116 x 64 x 102mm / 4.6 x 2.6 x 4.1in
Weight (w/o Battery) : Approx. 260g / 9.1oz