Brightcast LR441-FULLCOLOR-45-B Broadcast Studio LED Light

Brightcast LR441-FULLCOLOR-45-B Broadcast Studio LED Light
12" square, 15o spot, 16 million real colors, 441 diodes, all diodes 45o angle


Patented 45 degree LED unit holder design
16 million colors, using RGB primary color combinations
Control knob for instant dimming 0-100%
441 individually tested high brightness LED units
Multi-function infrared wireless remote control
Ingenious double filter design
Individual/multi-unit manual or remote control
International DMX512-1990 standard compliant
Camera battery or AC adaptor
Power: 12V 10A
Working Temperature: -40oC to +85oC
Weight: 2.73Kg


  • - 3 MiB

In the Box

High definition color temperature LED lamp x 1
Transparent filter x 1
Soft filter x 1
Aluminum U-Shaped x 1
Rotation axis x 2
Screws x 2
Power board x 1
Velcro fastener x 1
Remote control x 1
Converter x 1
Power AC100-240V IN / DC 12V4A OUT x 1
User Manual x 1


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