JVC MR-HD100 ProHD 100GB Portable DTE Recorder PAL

by JVC
JVC MR-HD100 ProHD 100GB Portable DTE Recorder PAL
Defining a new class of Native File Recording, the MR-HD100 Portable Media Recorder weighs only twelve ounces, brings Native File recording technology to your JVC ProHD camcorder, and enables you to add custom metadata while you're recording.

The MR-HD100 is capable of recording native QuickTime HDV 720p24/25/30/50/60 and 1080i50/60 for direct use within Apple Final Cut Pro, as well as native MXF HD 720p30 and 1080i50/60 support for direct use in Avid applications.


Powerful, Flexible, and Easy to Use
Record a wide range of HDV and DV formats
Navigate quickly and easily using the intuitive menu structure

Perfect for Long Recordings
Record up to 10 hours of HDV video at a time
Record up to 1.5 hours of HDV or DV video as a single clip; a new clip is automatically created when the end of the current clip is reached
Take advantage of up to three hours of recording time from the standard-capacity battery

Equipped for Connectivity
Connect to a wired* or wireless** network via the USB 2.0 port and transfer clips from the MR-HD100 to your NLE system or PX Media Server
Assign metadata to footage while it's being recorded2 using the MR-HD100 browser-based interface and your wireless handheld device or laptop

Quiet, Power-Efficient Operation
Enjoy the quiet operation of the MR-HD100, made possible by its energy-efficient hard drive that does not require a fan

* Requires an Ethernet-to-USB adapter (sold separately)
** Requires an 802.11 dongle (sold separately)


HDV Recording Modes
.m2t 720p 24/25/30/50/60
.m2t 1080i 50/60
MXF HDV (720p 30)
MXF HDV (1080i 50/60)
QuickTime 1080i 50/60
QuickTime 720p 24/25/30/50/60

DV Recording Modes
AVI Type 1 MXF
AVI Type 2 Pinnacle AVI
AVI Type 2 24p QuickTime
Canopus AVI QuickTime 24p
Matrox AVI RawDV

In the Box

Standard-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (180 minutes)
FireWire cable
USB A-to-A cable
Mount cradle


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