Raynox DCR-1850 Pro 52mm 1.85x Tele Converter Lens

by Raynox
Raynox DCR-1850 Pro 52mm 1.85x Tele Converter Lens
The model DCR-1850PRO PRO-Telephoto conversion lens is designed to bring distant objects up close when attached to the lens of digital still camera.
It can be mounted direct onto 52mm front filter thread of camera's lens. For suitable size of threads, please see the reference table located bottom of this page.
The telephoto lens is made of precision ground hi-index optical glass elements and all surfaces are fully coated for an optimum image quality and maximum light

There will be no reduction of light value (F.Number) when this conversion lens is attached on the camera's lens.


Magnification Nominal : 1.85x , Actual 1.85x/Diagonal, 1.85x/Horizontal
Lens construction : 3-group/3-element, Coated optical glass elements
Front Filter thread : None
Mounting thread : 52mm
Dimensions : 85mm x 58mm
Weight : 265g (9.3oz)


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