Safrotto D-4 Camera Bag

Safrotto D-4 Camera Bag
The D series of packets used in the high-end package will use advanced fabrics, sheer rugged durability, appears to be a general look sharp metal objects drawn are not the problem.
At the top with the leather handle, and feel very soft and comfortable, all-inclusive proprietary designs are used in high-strength nylon BUCKLE, bend low temperature-resistant things, do not worry, and brand-name packages, like it will break deduction.
At the top is no longer a traditional clamshell design of the front opened, but opened into the design from the rear and this is very humane, when carrying a bag can be very handy when the open roof to take things can also prevent others Kuice valuables opportunity to cause trouble.
The location of the front pack a small sandwich can be placed some small accessories such as camera lens, and so consider a few pens.

Internal Dimensions: L23cm x W15cm x H19cm (L * W * H cm)

Suitable for models:
CANON 350D 300D, NIKON D70S D70 D50 and other sets of machines, plus 1-2 lenses and then with a flash, and other appropriate amount of small parts.
Equally suitable for ordinary medium-sized DC adapter with a barrel, hood, flash, and 1-2 additional lenses, N random small parts to use, a large space journey will bring comfort to the feeling of let you enjoy a stable a photographic journey, the slightest worried about spare parts safety.


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