Tamrac Model 5586 Expedition 6x Backpack

by Tamrac
Tamrac Model 5586 Expedition 6x Backpack
The Expedition 6x is the ideal mid-size pack for a generous amount of photo equipment and most 14.1" screen laptops.

This medium size pack offers foam-padded protection and quick access to multiple SLRs, lenses, flash and accessories. The main compartment is completely foam padded with numerous adjustable, foam-padded dividers to protect digital or film SLRs, 5-6 lenses, and a flash. The camera with a long zoom lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers that are internally reinforced with rigid plastic. A restraint strap holds the lens firmly in place. Two Windowpane-Mesh(tm) pockets inside the front flap visibly organize filters, film and other accessories. A plastic, foam-padded platform in the bottom provides shock protection while a LockDown(tm) rain flap protects the zipper from the elements.


Internal Dimensions:
11 W x 51/2 D x 141/2 H (28 x 14 x 37cm)

External Dimensions:
131/2 W x 101/2 D x 17 H (34 x 27 x 43 cm)

5 lbs. (2280g)


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