Tonghui TH5101E AC/IR Withstanding Voltage Tester 200W

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH5101E AC/IR Withstanding Voltage Tester 200W
As a newly-developed withstanding voltage test system, TH5101E withstanding voltage tester is used to perform safety evaluation for electronic device and component. With high security, stability and maneuverability,

its high-voltage indicator will indicate to warn you of the danger of possible electric shock if there is still voltage at the high-voltage output terminal even high voltage output is cut off.And it is quick and convenient for you to read voltage data through double-analog-finger ' s indication. Remote status output interface comes stand to help to remotely control the instrument, which improves security a lot, and RS-232C interface helps to communicate with computer.


Clear and nice display on high-brightness VFD
0-5kV AC/DC output voltage
Test AC current 100mA/30mA, DC current 10mA
Open-circuit test function at grounding terminal
Analog/digital voltage indication
Window comparator for high limit and low limit, PASS/FAIL judgment output
Single high-voltage output terminal, AC/DC switched without changing output terminal
Timing test function from 0.5s to 999s randomly set
Over-zero startup and cutoff to prevent component under test from being damaged
Four special test modes to improve security
DC auto discharge function (for TH5101/TH5101B)
Excellent noise retraining circuit to improve stability
REMOTE, signal input/output interface and RS-232C to make operation convenient and improve security
Measurement settings saved


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