Gitzo GT2941LVL Series 2 + Tripod 4 Leg Sections

by Gitzo
Gitzo GT2941LVL Series 2 + Tripod 4 Leg Sections
Gitzo GT2941LVL - Series 2 Reporter Leveling Basalt Tripod 4 Leg Sections

Gitzo developed the revolutionary Leveling tripod for photographers who need fast set-up and levelling accuracy. Inside the Leveling tripod's upper casting is a special free-rotating ball, similar to those normally used in our ball heads. The center column passes through this ball and can both be moved up and down, and be inclined in any direction at any angle up to 15o. The inclination and vertical movements are completely independent. This patented system is extremely useful for panoramic, outdoor and wildlife photographers or for bird watching because the Leveling system allows the camera or scope to be set perfectly horizontal easily and quickly when working on uneven ground. Leveling tripods are available in two heights, eye level and standard, and in two materials, Carbon 6X and Basalt. Leveling tripods now also benefit from many other new Gitzo features that improve performance, versatility and quality.

G-Lock is our leg locking system that increases system rigidity by 20% and allows quicker and stronger leg locking. We've added a new lightweight high quality technopolymer upper disc to the Basalt model, while the Carbon 6X tripods feature a solid machined aluminium upper disc with a new Safe Lock material that cuts vibration and improves grip between tripod and head. All leveling tripods also feature our new ground level set: the center column is removable and the upper disc can be fitted directly to the upper casting. Requiring only a few seconds of set-up, this clever built-in solution dramatically increases the tripods flexibility allowing for ultra low shooting angles, weight reduction and increased stability. All new leveling tripods come with a convenient anti-dust bag for storage and packing.


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