Gitzo GT2330 Series 2 + Tripod 3 Leg Sections

by Gitzo
Gitzo GT2330 Series 2 + Tripod 3 Leg Sections
Gitzo GT2330 - Series 2 Reporter Basalt Aluminum Tripod 3 Leg Sections

Gitzo presents two completely new Series 2 tripods that bring advanced materials, Gitzo technology, performance and quality to our aluminium tripod range. The innovative tripods follow a completely different approach to the weight issue of aluminium tripods. All other tripod manufacturers try to reduce the weight of their aluminium tripods by reducing the thickness of the aluminium tubes (0,8 ?1 mm). This leads to weak and unstable tripods. Gitzo instead maintains thicker 1,2 mm tubes for additional rigidity and strength, and reduces the weight of other components by employing new technologies. The result is an overall 30% weight reduction without compromising strength and stability.

Recommended for lightweight camcorders, spotting scopes and DSLRs with 200mm lenses, up to a 300mm maximum. Excellent maximum load capacity and good torsional rigidity, available in 3- and 4-section models at standard and eye level heights. Series 2 is the ideal solution for photographers that are looking for a solid tripod without sacrificing weight.




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