Gitzo GT2942 Series 2 + Tripod 4 Leg Sections with G-lock

by Gitzo
Gitzo GT2942 Series 2 + Tripod 4 Leg Sections with G-lock
Gitzo GT2942 - Series 2 Reporter Basalt Tripod 4 Leg Sections with G-lock

Using the experience gained working with other advanced composite materials has made Gitzo the first and only manufacturer of a new generation of tripods that use Basalt fiber tubes. The fiber is made from basalt rock which is crushed and melted at 1500oC (or 2735oF). The extracted fibers are transformed into a tube using the same technology used for Gitzo Carbon 6X tube. Basalt tube has most of the features of carbon fiber, like high thermal and dimensional stability and reduced weight (20% lighter than aluminum). Like 6X, it is engineered to match Gitzo's performance standards. Our Basalt tubes have a 1.2mm thick wall and a 3-crossed layer structure with built in Anti Leg Rotation (ALR). The performance and price of Basalt tripods puts them between aluminum and high performance Carbon 6X.

Recommended for lightweight camcorders, spotting scopes and DSLRs with 200mm lenses, up to a 300mm maximum. Excellent maximum load capacity and good torsional rigidity, available in 3- and 4-section models at standard and eye level heights. Series 2 is the ideal solution for photographers that are looking for a solid tripod without sacrificing weight.


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