Gitzo G2380 Series 2 Fluid Video Head

by Gitzo
Gitzo G2380 Series 2 Fluid Video Head
The G2380 fluid head is specifically designed for the new range of lightweight and compact camcorders used by advanced enthusiasts and professionals. Some specific features also make this head the ideal tool for photographers and bird watchers using long focal length lenses. First, pan and tilt locks and separate friction controls are positioned on the same side for ergonomic, fast and precise action. Second, the pan lock is based on a unique system that completely eliminates any unwanted movement at the moment of locking, making the G2380 ideal when exceptional targeting precision over very long distances is needed....

Separate friction controls for pan and tilt are based on special PTFE internal sliding plates. The G2380 comes with a reversible pan bar for right- or left-handed users. The quick release plate adapter features a safety release button to prevent the plate accidentally falling out. The G2380 won the ISDA (Industrial Designers Society of America) design award.




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