Gitzo GH5380S Series 5 Ball Head

by Gitzo
Gitzo GH5380S Series 5 Ball Head
Model : GH5380S Series 5

The systematic head is specifically dedicated to photographers who love to shoot with long and ultra long lenses for wild life, sport and action photography. Long lenses require ultra smooth movements, exceptional locking capabilities, minimized drift angle, "super fast" and intuitive operation. The systematic head features a revolutionary hydraulic locking system placed for the first time inside the ball. It is a completely new concept, not just a reversed ball head.

The locking collar moves together with your equipment and you will always find the head controls, while keeping your eye in the view finder. The system allows you to set the friction by means of a button that sets the stroke of the locking collar. The head comes in two versions, quick release and 1/4" disc attachments. A small 1/4" to 3/8" screw adapter is included. The quick release system is lever operated to guarantee a safer and stronger operation.




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