Pentax K-7 DSLR Camera

by Pentax
Pentax K-7 DSLR Camera
* Compact, magnesium alloy body
* 14.6 megapixels
* Weather, dust and cold resistant

shown with optional lens


Compact, magnesium alloy body
One of the smallest DSLRs in its class, the K-7's compact, magnesium alloy body lets you travel light while still maintaining durability and build quality.

14.6 megapixels
The redesigned 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor offers improved noise control, four channel output for faster image capture and movie capture capabilities. Plus the new sensor offers the ideal combination of resolution and file size, allowing for large (poster size and larger) prints and cropping flexibility.

3 inch LCD
The 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dot resolution is perfect for detailed image or movie capture and review and is ideal for the Live View function.

Weather, dust and cold resistant
The K-7 is weather, dust and cold resistant (to 14o F or -10o C), making it ideal for use in any environment.

New PRIME II Image processing engine
Fast 5.2 frame-per-second shooting with the powerful new PRIME II Image processing engine, which features fast circuitry and low noise image processing. Ideal for sporting events or any fast-action situation.

High top shutter speed
A top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec freezes even the fastest action and gives creative control over apertures in well-lit settings.

New 77-segment metering system
A new 77-segment metering system quickly and accurately determines exposure, even in the most complex and dynamic lighting situations.

Live View mode
Live View mode, with contrast AF, Face Detection, and optional histogram, grid, and bright/dark area display, allows you to quickly compose your images without having to position your eye against the viewfinder.

100% field-of-view viewfinder
A 100% field-of-view viewfinder (with 0.92X magnification) and bright focusing screens are ideal for accurate image composition and focus.

HD Movie Capture
Widescreen HD Movie Capture features adjustable quality settings and aperture control, as well as Shake Reduction, and an external microphone terminal for recording stereo sound.

High resolution playback
HDMI port with selectable output resolution (1080i, 720p, 480p, and auto) offers high resolution playback of images and video on high definition TVs.

Multiple exposure settings
Multiple exposure settings, including Green, Program, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, Bulb, X-sync, Movie and USER modes, provide extensive creative control over the exposure for photographers of all experience levels.

Faster, more responsive AF
The PENTAX 11-point autofocus system features improved focus algorithms over previous-generation K-series DSLR cameras, providing faster, more responsive AF. A dedicated AF-assist lamp further improves autofocus response and accuracy in low light conditions.

Shake Reduction system
The PENTAX-original Shake Reduction system now compensates for rotational sensor movement, improving the sharpness of your images at the moment of capture.

Dust-free image capture
The K-7's Dust Reduction system, improved over previous K-series cameras, features a piezo-ceramic vibration action to the sensor's low-pass filter for dust-free image capture.

Advanced white balance settings
Advanced white balance settings include highly customizable white balance fine tuning, color temperature adjustment, and post image capture manual white balance selection for perfect pictures, even in the most difficult lighting.

Extended battery life
New high capacity battery offers considerably longer life. Ideal for travel photography or video work.

Electronic level function
Electronic level function ensures your pictures have level horizons, minimizing post-capture editing.

Advanced image capture settings
Advanced image capture settings, digital filters, and aspect ratio provide outstanding flexibility and creativity while minimizing the need for computer image manipulation.

Custom Image modes
Custom Image modes with advanced parameter settings including new Key adjustment, allow you to customize your processing mode to your creative style.

Dynamic Range setting
A Dynamic Range function with highlight and adjustable shadow correction brings out hidden or lost details in both highlights and shadows, even in the most contrasted dynamic lighting.

Lens Correction function
A Lens Correction function adjusts for Distortion and Lateral Chromatic Aberrations, allowing you to maximize your image quality for every digital lens.*
* Compatible with D FA, DA, DA Limited and DA Star lenses. Distortion correction is not applied to the DA 10-17mm Fisheye lens.

Dedicated PC socket
Dedicated PC socket for studio flash offers convenience for the studio photographer without adding hotshoe adapters.

Mirror Lock-up function
A dedicated Mirror Lock-up function eliminates image blur due to mirror movement during long exposures.

HDR image capture mode
An HDR image capture mode blends three separate image exposures to widen the exposure gamut, bringing out detail in all exposure areas of your images.

Creative special effects
Advanced capture options include multi exposure and interval shooting for creative special effects and time-lapse photography.

Composition adjustment feature
A composition adjustment feature allows you to make minor adjustments to the composition of your image using the Shake Reduction mechanism, without having to physically move the camera. Ideal for tripod use or macro photography.

Embedded copyright feature
Programmable embedded copyright information preserves artistic integrity and image ownership during image capture.

Quick-glance overview
Rear LCD Status Screen displays exposure and setting information for a quick-glance overview and modification of image parameters.

RAW file compatibility
PENTAX RAW or Adobe DNG file selection offers RAW file compatibility with industry standard image editing software.

Dedicated RAW button
A dedicated RAW button allows easy situational switching between RAW and JPG file formats without having to access camera file format menu settings.

Custom file name selection
Custom file name selection lets you tailor your image file names to your shooting needs.

Unparalleled customization
Advanced Custom Function settings offer unparalleled customizability, allowing you to adapt the camera to your shooting style, not vice-versa.

In the Box

USB Cable I-USB7
AV Cable I-AVC7
Battery Charge Cradle D-BC90
Battery D-LI90
AC Plug Cord
Strap O-ST53
Hotshoe Cover FK
Eyecup FR
Body Mount Cover
Finder Cap for ME
Focusing Screen MF-60 Frame Matte
Bottom Cap
PC Socket Cap


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