Pro-X XD-L168B LED Camera Light

by Pro-X
Pro-X XD-L168B LED Camera Light


Easily adapt on the camera handle; Powered with DC 11~17V by Pro-X series battery or PPT from camera or mount plate.
High brightness, low heat. 12W power consumption can produce the same brightness as traditional 50W halogen bulb. Operating life is more than 10,000 hours.
Dichoric filter can change the color temperature from 5600K to 3200K.
Build in dimmer (0-100%).
Free to uninstall, convenient to take or use.
Focus Adapter to switch the light between far and near.


Input voltage: DC 11V-17V
Power consumption: 12W
Brightness: 640Lux@1m
Beam Angle: 50o (ideal for HD shooting)
Work temperature: 0-40 centigrade
Weight: approx: 510g



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