MOVCAM Avant S Camera Stabilizer

MOVCAM Avant S Camera Stabilizer
With the development of digital cinematography technology, more professional lightweight cameras are being used in film-making and TV program production. These lightweight cameras have great attraction to the professionals for their compact structure, lightweight, flexibility and, more importantly, professional quality.
Movcam brand new Avant S professional stabilizing system is developed to fulfill the professional demand for high quality of lightweight cameras. Avant S can bring the camera performance to an amazing high quality level beyond imagination.
It comes as a complete package including arm, vest, sled and other necessary accessories for normal shooting.

Flexible and Efficient
Avant S is the ideal supporting system for lightweight cameras. It is so flexible that it empowers to operators to fully demonstrate the cameras' advantage of lightweight, quickness and flexibility and achieve better shooting result.
Quick and easy onsite assembly and adjustment assure efficiency in the shooting .

Perfect Dynamic Balance
Perfect dynamic balance is the key to professional stabilizing system. Dedicated to state of the art technology and processing skills, Movcam presents Avant S as the equal of any other top-end stabilizers with regard to dynamic balance.
High precision gimbal, as well as high precision sled, guarantees easy adjustment of dynamic balance. This dynamic balance can also be easily kept during shooting. The adjustment of dynamic balance is easy, quick and tool-free.

Comprehensive Functions
Different shooting situation may require different capability of the stabilizer. Avant S shares all the functions of large stabilizers and offers more flexible features thanks to its modular design.

Amazing Compatibility
Avant S has unparalleled compatibility. Modular design and standard connecting parts make Avant S compatible with many other brands.
Two standard V-lock battery mounts (Anton Bauer mount optional) make long continuous shooting possible.
Designed to Endure
To suit the demanding work environments and rough terrain, Avant S enhances endurance of its components in design by improving their precision and utilizing long-lasting structure and design, thus upgrading the operational reliability and making Avant S an excellent lightweight stabilizer.

Easier Control
Easy and effortless control of the stabilizer is another key element in camera stabilizing system. Avant S features the ease in operation. Its unique ergonomic design plus extreme lightweight make operation definitely enjoyable.


lightweight dual arm with maximum load of 25lbs, suitable for different DVCAM and HDV,

arm lift range up to 28.6", reversible arm rod,

adjustable X-Y axis, precision mounting stage,

two-part telescopic aluminum alloy post,

two battery mounts, capable of 12V/ 24V power supply,

built-in cables of heavy duty electricity flow, supportive of SDI,

reversible bridge for easy and quick right hand or left hand operation choice,

modular design, highly compatible,

ergonomically structured, lightweight quality materials, durable design,

professional gimbal with precision bearings, tool free adjustment,

sweat-resist air-chute device,

In the Box

Docking bracket
Aluminium case
A set of allen wrench
Camera power cable
Monitor power cable
BNC video cable
3/8" and 1/4" camera
Mounting screws
Vest case
3 counterweight blocks
Quick release pin
Dovetail plate
Low mode handle clamp