MOVCAM Avant T Camera Stabilizer

MOVCAM Avant T Camera Stabilizer
Brand new Avant Series represents Movcam's latest technology and manufacturing art. These professional camera stabilizing systems are highly functionally qualified as the new products of the industry.
Avant G is the remarkable representative among the Avant series, which can perfectly satisfy the shooting requirements for film and digital HD. Its efficiency and reliability facilitate the operators in their best performance.

Flexibility and Efficiency Guarantee Excellent Performance
Flexible and efficient onsite performance is indispensable quality for stabilizing systems. Avant G is especially impressive in this aspect. Its modular design, tool-free adjustment, and all kinds of strict precision tests during manufacturing all assure quick and easy dynamic balance adjustment on shooting site.
In the design of the arm, as well as that of the vest and the sled, great attention has been given to compatibility and efficiency of the rig working onsite.

Reliability and Durability
Shooting sites are varied and demanding, which require reliable and durable equipments. Avant G utilizes very light, yet extremely strong and high-standard raw materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber, super strong aluminum alloy and highly enhanced engineering plastics. These materials guarantee reliability and durability. Structurally, in accordance with the characteristics of the raw materials, Avant G utilizes intricate and reliable design, plus precision processing art, to increase its performance to a new level.
Man-Rig as One
Man-rig working as one is the ideal pursuit in designing stabilizing system. Avant G fully demonstrates the ergonomic philosophy in design. Super balancing adjustment, powerful elasticity and ventilating vest promise excellent operation. High precision gimbal rotates smoothly and effortlessly. All this promotes noticeably the system's dynamic balance in general.

Strict Quality Control in Design and Choosing Materials
Movcam undertakes great efforts to control the design and manufacture of each part and to pursue great precision for the key parts, such as the mounting stage, the gimbal and the arm. These crucial parts ensure the reliability and strength of Avant series. On the other hand, they are required to be perfectly coordinated so as to guarantee smooth operation in shooting.
In order to achieve longer durability and better mobility, the making of the Avant series stabilizers follows strict requirements in material selection. Ultra-light and strong materials which are widely used in aeronautic industry play an important role in this series.


50 lbs maximum load capacity of the innovative 4-spring arm
Ultra light, enhanced carbon fiber, 4-part telescopic post of 2".
High precision bearings in all joining parts, sensitive to the movement of the arm.
Ultra-rigid structure, titanium alloy spring of lightweight, enhanced aluminum alloy for main parts. sweat-proof air-chutes device
Structured ergonomically, snug fit and even distribution of pressure on the operator
Built-in wires, 3 adjustable battery mounts
IPMM for more intelligent power management and better use of the battery,
supportive of both 12V and 24V battery power.
high precision and low friction gimbal, tool free adjustment.
Easy detachment of the mounting stage, the center post and the base platform
wider range of side-to-side and fore-aft adjustment.
Modular design, ultra light materials, and rigid structure.
Adjustable chest plate and reversible support bridge and arm rod for quick and easy right hand and left hand operation
Excellent compatibility.

In the Box

Docking bracket
Aluminium case
A set of allen wrench
Camera power cable
Monitor power cable
BNC video cable
3/8" and 1/4" camera
Mounting screws
Vest case
3 counterweight blocks
Quick release pin
Dovetail plate