MOVCAM Pro-max a Camera Stabilizer

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MOVCAM Pro-max a Camera Stabilizer
The whole new Pro-Max leads the advanced camera stabilizers to a new level and infuses new ideas into the products. This model combines both the world's latest technology and design. Its modular design offers more flexibility and more possibilities for future development in structure. It also means more convenience for using it, shipping , maintenance and updating.
Like all advanced stabilizers, Pro-Max consists of the arm, the sled and the vest. The joining points of these 3 parts are all internationally standard so that they are compatible with other brands.


VEST The back-mounted carbon fiber vest is a standard component of Pro-Max A.
This vest avails of the study of ergonomics. It reduces greatly the burden on the cameraman's back and waist because it puts the supporting joint of the arm on the back part of the vest, which makes this vest the cameramen's favorite.
Carbon fiber is widely used in aviation industry. It is light, strong and impact resist. It cuts down the weight of the vest considerably.
Movcam is the first to use considerately air chute in the structure of the vest so that sweat can evaporate quickly. In addition, the ultra-light ventilating net fabric is another element that ensures comfortness during operation.
Fit design can surely reduce burden. Movcam offers special custom-tailor service upon request, even including putting the operator's name on our Movcam products.

ARM The arm of Pro-Max pushes the classic 3A series to its peak.
Based on the original double 6-spring design, the arm contains more than 60 precision bearings which ensures even allocation of pressure so that the spring can work in a more balanced way.
The jacket of the arm utilizes ultra-light material which is strong and endurable.
The load capacity ranges from 20 to 45 pounds so that it can support varieties of cameras

SLED The Pro-Max mounting stage can be adjusted in a wide range and tool-free. Integrated circuit for the mount cable junction box and the lower sled module are especially designed so that it can support cine camera and HD. The lower sled module can be installed with 3 batteries, which is the standard device for advanced stabilizers. Double telescopic post greatly increases the balance of the sled. World-renowned Swiss Lemo provides Movcam with high quality push-pull connector and technical support. Its excellent resistance against electromagnetism improves Pro-Max's performance professionally. Low friction and ultra precision 2 " standard gimbal handle better ensures quick, self-adjustment to the camera's balance.


Maximum camera weight : 45lbs/20.5kg

In the Box

Docking bracket
Aluminium case
A set of Allen wrench
Camera power cable
Monitor power cable
Two BNC video cables
3/8" and 1/4" camera mounting screws
Vest case
Quick release pin
Dovetail plate