VideoSolutions VSS-19 Teleprompter + Monitor + Software

VideoSolutions VSS-19 Teleprompter + Monitor + Software
The VSS-19 (with Monitor and Software) is a professional studio teleprompter. It is solidly built with high quality materials, is reliable and robust. It holds a studio camera up to 25kg as well as a small handheld DV camcorder.

VideoSolutions Teleprompters are reliable, professionally engineered and have a long standing reputation. VideoSolutions provides direct support to Globalmediapro customers.

This teleprompter uses ultra clear beamsplitter 70/30 AR coated glass (made in Japan).

In the Box

Tube with 480 x 480mm Two-Way Glass
Mounting Platform
19-inch Color TFT Monitor
10m RGB Monitor Cable (much greater distances can be achieved by using Composite Video cables and CAT5 Extenders)
Control Foot-Pedal with 10 m Cable (can be extended to 200 m)
Prompter Software VSPrompte


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Rating: 5.0
By from Mostar on
In last yaer, I bought some things as VideoSolutions VSS-19 Teleprompter + Monitor + Software, VideoSolutions Silver Jib 2.5 Camera Crane + Pedestal and Datavideo CKL-200 Dual-color Chromakey Light System.
I am very satisfied with the offered price and speed of delivery.
Rating: 5.0
By Verified Buyer from Mostar on
Delivery was on time and correct. Software teleporter should be given to the CD media for the memory stick.