VideoSolutions Cyclops-4 Multiviewer PAL

VideoSolutions Cyclops-4 Multiviewer PAL
The Cyclops-4 Multiviewer shows 4 color images from 4 different sources on one SVGA computer monitor in real time. It is designed for use in broadcast and cable television studios, mobile multi camera TV installations, CCTV control rooms, etc.


Simultaneous monitoring of 4 video signal sources (4 windows on the screen).

Image correction: brightness, contrast, color saturation, color balance in each window.

Enables to freeze, zoom or "fullscreen" an image from each window.

Enables to enter service information: source markers, current mode, etc. in each window.

Can be controlled using USB keyboard & mouse.

Can be remotely controlled via local network or the Internet.

Composite inputs support PAL and SECAM video signal standards.

The nominal level of input video signal: 1 V/75 Ohm.


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