VideoSolutions VSS-10B Portable Teleprompter + Monitor + Software

VideoSolutions VSS-10B Portable Teleprompter + Monitor + Software
The VSS-10B teleprompter is designed for outdoor use. Its reliable 10-inch LCD monitor projects text information onto a translucent glass located in front of the camera lens. The text information is only visible to the speaker, it does not appear on the video footage.
The VSS-10B is steady and is recommended if you use the same camera for a long time.

The teleprompter can be attached to any standard tripod using the standard 3/8-inch screw.

The camera mounting platform can accommodate a handheld or shoulder-mount camcorder.

The prompter can be conveniently folded to fit a 500 x 280 x 120mm case. Soft Carrying Case is included.

The teleprompter does not need additional counterbalance weights.

Supplied software requires Windows PC.

VideoSolutions Teleprompters are reliable, professionally engineered and have a long standing reputation. VideoSolutions provides direct support to Globalmediapro customers.

This teleprompter uses ultra clear beamsplitter 70/30 AR coated glass (made in Japan).

In the Box

Tube with Two-Way Glass 230 x 230 mm
Camera Platform
10-inch TFT Monitor
VSPro Software
Soft Carrying Case


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