Tristar QTRI-28452 Aluminium Tripod

by Tristar
Tristar QTRI-28452 Aluminium Tripod
Model:TRI-2842 Aluminum Alloy Tripod Suits Yuntai


Main material: aluminum alloy
Yuntai screw specifications: double-headed screw Yuntai 1 / 4 Tooth & 3 / 8 teeth
The number of: 4
Diameter: 2.8 cm
Maximum working height: 155 cm
Minimum working height: 24 cm
Collapse height: 52 cm
Net Weight: 1980 grams
Loading Capacity: 7 kg

TB-12A spherical Yuntai
Yuntai spherical simple
360-degree rotation, dynamic object tracking easier
Design of a double security insurance button
High-quality gifts to buy that bag Yuntai
Can be load-bearing 10KG


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