VideoSolutions DV-SDI Converter with Audio

VideoSolutions DV-SDI Converter with Audio
DV to SDI Converter with Audio.
Works with PAL and NTSC.
Provides high quality DV to SDI conversion.

The converter allows long distance (up to 200m) signal transfer between a DV camera and SDI equipped video mixer (such as VideoSolutions ODYSSEY 2B SDI).



- integration of DV sources into professional studio environment using SDI signal interface
- long distance signal transfer via SDI
- computer to studio connections

The converter is equipped with two 6-pin DV inputs and two buffered SDI (BNC) outputs. Power is supplied using any of the DV inputs or from an external 5-25 V, 250 mA power supply.

This device can be mounted between a camera and tripod plate.


Inputs: 2 x FireWire (IEEE1394) 6pin (IEEE1394TA, IEC 61834, IEC 61883-1/2; DV25)

Outputs: 2 x SDI BNC (10bit 270 mbps, SMPTI - 259M; Level: 1.0 Vp-p; Impedance: 75 Ohm)

Power: external 5-25V, 250mA power supply or through any of the two FireWire 6-pin connectors



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